Introduction to Candida

Candida albicans is a source of discomfort, pain and embarrassment to many. To some it even proven injurious to long-term health. Many sufferers may not even know what Candida albicans is – they may just think they suffer from recurring “thrush” or “yeast infection”.

When it turns up again, unwanted, they may apply their topical cream and wait for the symptoms to subside again. This document explains what Candida albicans is and why it affects some people more than others.

It helps identify causes and lists natural ways of preventing outbreaks, as well as treating symptoms.

Understanding how and why Candida albicans affects us as it does will empower many people. The greatest benefit will be the realization that outbreaks can be largely prevented by personal actions such as diet changes.

Instead of feeling like powerless victims, they will realize how much can control they have, if they choose to exercise it.